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HYPERBITS™ and S-FECT™ Technology are licensed to Performance Interconnect SAS

August, 2022 MINDREACH i2i SL entered in agreement with Performance Interconnect SAS for non-exclusive and sublicensable rights to HYPERBITS™ connector and S-FECT™ Technology.

Performance Interconnect SAS, offers a unique value proposition with The Virtual Connector Manufacturer concept to customers in high-tech industries such as Military, Aerospace, Space, Transportation, Automotive, Medical and Infocommunications.

Customers who need a special connector when no standard product fulfills their application criteria, are now able to receive THE MOST COMPETITIVE solution for their requirement within an industry disruptive lead-time of only EIGHT hours for the initial concept. Yes, only 8 hours and no obligation!

The design of custom interconnect solutions is only the first link in the value proposition chain of

The Virtual Connector Manufacturer

a concept which extends to the selection and qualification of suppliers for the components contained in the design, selection and qualification of final assemblers, test and qualification services to applicable specifications and finally the added value of stocking and logistics services provided by a qualified distributor partner network.

The ultimate benefit to the customer is the full transparency and control on the industrialization process and the complete control over costs leading to the most competitive installed cost of the final product. With a combined experience of nearly 100 years in the connector industry, the team at Performance Interconnect SAS will deliver technically and economically unbeatable solutions!

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