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S-FECT™ Technology is a game-changing interface technology for connectors and PCBs

The S-FECT™ Technology is a game-changing interconnect solution which eliminates the need to solder connectors to printed circuit boards and eliminates the need to employ press-fit technology which is challenging to PCB integrity and also requires special tooling and installation processes.

The Slide-Fit Electrical Contact Termination Technology is now available to anyone for new connector designs or replacement connector designs including retrofits due to obsolescence with full backward compatibility with existing PCB footprints.

Design with Ease - No Hassle

The Slide-Fit interface system is the simplest interface method that should have been invented long before press-fit!
S-FECT™ Technology offers reliable performance at lowest possible cost in industry. Contact us for more details:

Connector manufacturers: Looking to advance your interface technology?

Are you considering adding press-fit termination options to existing connector families?

Consider slide-fit first because of several added benefits:

  • ZERO insertion force of component

  • ZERO wiping or minimal wiping of the plated surfaces at the interface

  • ZERO jet effect distortion on the metallized wall on PCB (refer to IEC-9797)

  • Negligeable deformation on plated-through hole

  • Post-insertion offset does not require inspection for metallic particles after insertion

  • High insertion-removal cycling without impact on plated surfaces

  • Elimination of insertion and removal tools

  • Reduced manufacturing cost

  • Miniaturization is easier to accomplish, designs start from 0.20 mm contact diameters

  • Improved thermal behavior as the material is not reduced through the zone of interface

  • Lowest manufacturing cost of any interface technology

Contact us at for licensing options!

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