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The SLIDE-FIT ELECTRICAL CONTACT TERMINATION TECHNOLOGY embodies an effective interface method between connector contacts and between contact terminations and printed circuit boards to achieve gas-tight, controlled electromechanical interface. The S-FECT Technology is a disruptive technology for the connector industry because it eliminates the process and tooling associated with press-fit installation and eliminates the need to solder contacts to PCBs. S-FECT Technology is superior to any press-fit contact interface technology in both performance and cost. S-FECT Technology can be adapted to contact terminations with diameters as small as 0.2mm and can offer mounting solutions to nano and micro connector packages directly to PCBs without soldering and without elaborate installation tooling.

S-FECT technology is licensed to Performance Interconnect SAS who holds exploitation and sublicensing rights.


The HYPERBITS CONNECTOR featuring S-FECT interface technology, is a high-speed blind-mating connector which embodies several interconnect innovations, it is a unique product unequalled in design and performance sophistication. The most distinguishing feature is the ability to blind-mate directly with the backplane fully eliminating a second mating connector end effectively eliminating the corresponding insertion point in the signal transmission line. HYPERBITS is designed to be fully compatible to the PICMG Compact-PCI Serial Space Specification and conforms to the newly developed ESCC 3401/098 detail specification for press-fit interfaces. With support from CNES and Thales Alenia Space, HYPERBITS™ was awarded a development Contract from ESA under ATRES 4.0 Core Competitiveness Generic Programme Line, Advanced Technology, Activity Reference 5C.461. HYPERBITS technology is licensed to Performance Interconnect SAS who holds exploitation and sublicensing rights.


The HEATBIND™ patent pending technology is the world's most effective thermal interconnection for conduction cooled embedded computing applications. The HEATBIND™ advanced solid thermal retainer incorporated into monoblock covers, is available in 3U and 6U configurations adaptable to any design. HEATBIND™ is significantly superior to wedgelocks, ICE-LOKS or any other open or patented retainer technology. HEATBIND™ is suitable for Open VPX, Space VPX, Open SOSA, Compact PCI Serial and CompactPCI Serial Space applications.


smartNsafe is a 800 to 1000 Volt DC state-of-the-art modular power distribution system suitable for military, aerospace and data center secondary power distribution applications featuring zero live-line exposure, built-in continuous fault monitoring and detection for partial discharge, conductor degradation or accidental disconnection with ultra-fast failure-prevention capabilities. The smartNsafe intelligent cable construction employs advanced engineered, densely packed fluoropolymer materials offering the most reliable long-term dielectric and mechanical endurance. The smartNsafe system offers the highest power to weight ratio available in any industry for near-load applications requiring safety and long-term reliability.


Rare-Earth Barium Copper Oxides (ReBCO) conductors are produced in form of layered tapes of superconductive material densely clad in copper. Joining ReBCO conductors consistently and effectively with minimal packaging and without special tools continues to remain a challenge. The CRYOMATE connector design ensures a tight connection directly between the superconductive layers and features a minimalistic housing with built-in quench prevention elements. The CRYOMATE design embodies three industry-first innovations. We are offering a joint-development opportunity for the right partner with capabilities to perform testing and validation of the CRYOMATE design for various superconductor configurations.


The HEATBUS thermal transfer system is an achievement in thermal transfer innovation resulting after in-depth investigations and experimentation with thermodynamic principles under various conditions of temperature and pressure. Due to its operational versatility and rugged construction, the HEATBUS transfer system can be adapted to diverse cooling applications in spaceflight electronics, mil/aero mission critical electronics, electrical propulsion, high-current solid-state switching and computing applications such as immersion cooling and on-chip cooling for data center applications.


The HYPER-SPLIT™ ELECTROMAGNETIC HYDRODYNAMIC ELECTROLYSIS CELL aligns electromagnetic, electrochemical, and thermodynamic principles inside one innovative device that is capable to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen, convert electrical power from AC input to steady DC output, pump fluid and recover power from low-grade thermal energy. The HYPER-SPLIT™ ELECTROMAGNETIC HYDRODYNAMIC ELECTROLYSIS CELL is a milestone achievement validating our commitment to produce disruptive technologies. HYPER-SPLIT™ opens the way to discover new opportunities for clean and sustainable energy recovery, offsetting, and storage applications.



Securing a strong IP Portfolio validates our ambition to develop new technologies and unique products while enabling exclusive advantage and distinct positioning for our customers and investors. Contact us for further details related to our intellectual property available for licensing or joint development opportunities.

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