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Connecting Dots

Design Services Group

MINDREACH is an Intellectual Property Asset Generation and Management firm. ​Our core mission is to create new technologies and new products in our areas of expertise.​

We developed and secured IP ownership on a contact interface technology called S-FECT™, Slide-Fit Electrical Contact Termination. ​This technology offers superior performance at the lowest possible manufacturing and installation costs. 

Industries, where our custom-designed interconnect products, would make the greatest impact

Space and Aerospace


Data Center


Mobility &
Cordless Power



Power Conversion

When using internal capabilities, consider the following:

  • The project team will need to research specifications, material properties and compatibility.

  • Must conduct performance assessment and design integrity validation.

  • May design in certain high-cost drivers unknowingly.

  • By the time concept is generated, the cost of the total man-hours combined with the opportunity cost may be considerable.

  • Further investment will be required from various departments in supplier selection and qualification.

  • Simulation, prototyping, testing and qualification are time-consuming and add to the total project cost.

  • Limited to using of conventional interconnect technologies.

When using our DESIGN SERVICES, you will take advantage of the following:

  • Expert knowledge of connector and contact specifications.

  • Engineering team highly specialized in design of interconnect systems will avoid risks in performance and design integrity

  • Expert knowledge of materials properties and compatibility criteria in interconnect applications.

  • Expert knowledge of electromechanical and environmental considerations.

  • Expert knowledge in controlling cost by design.

  • Fast solution generation: concept proposal lead-time is 8 hours

  • Availability of multiple qualified and competitive component suppliers.

  • Availability of simulation and prototyping services.

  • Availability of testing and qualification services.

  • IP ownership: S-FECT™ Technology included for exclusive use

When choosing a custom solution from established connector manufacturer, consider the following:

  • Single source constraint. Manufacturer may strategically retain ownership of tooling and possibly retain ownership of design.

  • Connector manufacturers mark-up costs by 2x to 2.5x.​

  • The total cost of solution over the lifetime of your product becomes high.

  • Minimum order quantities may be high. Pricing may be attractive at high quantities but not at low qtys. Beware, should your demand never meet the high MOQs, a higher portion of profitability is transferred to the connector manufacturer.

  • Connector manufacturer can provide finished product ready for final installation.

  • Annual price increase policies are never revealed unless specifically requested upfront in the supply agreement. Connector manufacturers generally impose a 5% price increase each year.

When using our DESIGN SERVICES, you will take advantage of the following:

  • Open to competitive bidding and customer owns the design. ​Note: S-FECT™ technology license is not granted, only the right of exclusive use for the specific application is granted. Contractual terms apply.

  • Customer approves cost of components as provided by the suppliers. This is a major advantage to control total installed cost of product.

  • We select suppliers based on targeted MOQs upfront.

  • Our network of distributor partners offer final assembly and stocking services for optimized added value at very attractive budgets. In some cases, it may be possible to engage one of the customer’s qualified distributors to perform light final assembly and inspection.

  • Customer will have better control on cost increases. Ultimately, a 5% increase on cost of material alone is not the same as 5% increase on price of finished product which includes the cost of assembly and all the mark-ups. 

Design Tools

We employ 2 major design tools:

  • CREO by PTC

  • Solid Works by Dassault Systems


  • Power Applications: high current designs & high voltage designs.

  • High-data rate transmission - differential pairs & differential to ground

  • Harsh environments including high & low pressure, high temperature, corrosive mediums, vibration, shock, and rapid change of temperature

  • Hermetic feedthroughs for power, signal, thermocouple materials, fiber optics

Materials we regularly employ in our designs

  • Stainless steels, titanium, tungsten carbide, high-performance copper and aluminum alloys.

  • Advanced plastics for superior electromechanical properties to match with the requirements of any application.​

  • Composite materials for dimensional stability.

  • Thermoset and thermoplastic resins and epoxies

Prequalified network suppliers with state-of-the-art machinery:


  • micro-milling, micromachining

  • Precision Laser cutting and EDM (electrical discharge machining)

  • MIM (metal injection molding)

  • Production 3D including SLM (Selective layer melting)

  • Fast 5 axis CNC for continuous production on various metal alloys and nonmetal materials

  • Noble metal plating and gold plating for any performance level: telecom, military, space flight​

Most of our suppliers offer production lead-times in the range of 6 weeks and less.

Collaboration agreement with established EEE test facility offering the following capabilities:


  • Testing vibration and shock, rapid change of temperature, salt spray, damp heat

  • Electrical characterization.

  • Radiation.

  • Scanning acoustic microscopy C-SAM

  • Micro sectioning

  • Equipment Testing and Certification

Connecting Dots

Interconnect Technology

IP ownership of Slide-Fit Electrical Contact Termination Technology allows us to employ our technology in our custom designs exclusively extending the benefits of this technology to our customers.


  • The S-FECT™ connection can be employed at the mating between contacts. 

  • The S-FECT™ connection can be employed between contact tails and PCBs. No solder = reduced installed cost.

  • Ultra-low resistance at interface = high efficiency, less heat rise.

  • Replaces press-fit contacts and requires no tooling for installation.

  • Female contacts are solid machined with closed entry.

  • Post-insertion offset system allows for unlimited cycles of insertion because the plating on contacts is not removed.

S-FECT™ Technology can be applied for high cycling battery connections in the range of 25000 mating and un-mating cycles and for permanent battery connections for ultra-low interface resistance.

S-FECT™ Technology can be designed for ultra-low resistance microprocessor connections with PCB.

Connecting Dots

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