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Intelligent 1kV DC power distribution system with safety features and continuous self-monitoring and reporting.

1000VDC power distribution system, 20kW to 100kW, suitable for aircraft secondary loads as well as data center power to rack applications with integrated Logic, Monitoring and Reporting system, featuring continuous monitoring and human safety for ZERO RISK on partial discharge, accidental disconnection or external deterioration to the cable or connectors. Industry's first intelligent selfDEFENSE™ power transmission cable featuring the ability to identify, locate and react to external damage. Full product design completed, looking for technology demonstrator application opportunities.

Connecting Dots
Connecting Dots

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The 1MW IT row concept presented at the OCP tech week in November 2020 featuring the smartNsafe™ power distribution concept.


with 1kV DC smartNsafe wip cables

About of the smartNsafe™ 1kV DC distribution system:

  • Holistic design from protection device to load.

  • Long lifetime.

  • Monitoring along the cable and through connectors with ultra fast detection for partial discharge.

  • Identifies and reports location of events.

  • Zero arc flash even when coupling or uncoupling connectors under full load.

  • Designed for ultra fast, 25µS reaction including protection for accidental connector disconnection.

  • Example: cutting the cable at any point, under full load operation with an axe swinging at 100km/hr or 60MPH, the circuit is disconnected by the time the axe reaches only 0.7mm past the braided protection layer, way before the positive conductor is compromised.

Connecting Dots
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