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Cooling and power regeneration system with compressed air for power demand leveling and peak shaving applications.


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Combined three-stage process resulting in cooling and regeneration for standalone, edge computing, modular data centers, using compressed air stored during night-time hours and discharged at peak demand times taking advantage of the lowest cost form of energy storage. Allows up to 100% daytime power utilization for IT loads where the heat from microprocessors raises the compressed air energy-storage efficiency and the system gains further electrical power recovered via high speed turbine. Looking for technology demonstrator applications

Connecting Dots


Cooling power conversion and hydrogen from heat under 100ºC

Connecting Dots

Section Title

Combined multi-stage system with power conversion, mass transfer,  and hydrogen generation using energy from low-grade heat at temperatures between 55ºC to 85ºC.

Concept validated Currently undergoing patent application process.

Technology demonstrator project already started.

Potential to scale this technology from in-shelf miniature applications to mega-pod scale. Looking for motivated partnership for diverse demonstrator applications.

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